The Best Way to Get More Instagram Followers in 2019


have you found that no matter how many times you post on Instagram your follower count just doesn’t go up hey everyone I’m Neil Thakur and today I’m gonna share with you the best way to get more Instagram followers now you also include your handle and I’m gonna see that if you’re following these tips.

if you do your account should go up and I’m gonna keep track of it so let’s go over the main ways to grow your and surround follower account number one stop stressing out about what you’re posting this is the most important thing if you can’t get this through your head and change your mindset you’re not gonna do all everyone’s like oh my god the lighting has to be perfect.

I gotta have makeup on who cares just post what you think will do well may not do well and unless you get that out of your head that everything isn’t gonna be perfect like the moment you think it all has to be perfect nothing’s gonna happen you’re barely gonna post but the moment you’re okay with posting whatever you’ll post six seven eight different things and you’ll find out what’s working the second strategy.

that I want you to follow and stop posting the stuff that’s not working you’re in a rut in which you keep posting the same type of stuff it’s not getting attraction but yeah you keep posting it if the same stuff isn’t working to grow your follower account you shouldn’t post it third I want you to start posting videos we found that whether you can still do them everyone small but videos are the key both in your stories and in your feed and what you’ll find is the more videos you post the better off you’re gonna end up doing Instagram and Facebook.

Facebook’s which is Instagram parent company they’re all about videos these days if you go on any fan page you see something post a video versus someone posting an imagethere for that reason you need to be posting videos the next tip I have for you is to get creative I did an image on my Instagram telling people DoubleTap this if you’re gonna hit your goals or crush your goals in 2019 did extremely well why did you saw is because I got creative.

you can do the same thing doing clever things like telling people to DoubleTap if they’re gonna achieve this or do that or telling people to comment below that’ll boost your engagement and  you responding to every single comment that shows you care why should someone follow you if you’re too lazy to respond to their comments so care about your audience if you don’t care you shouldn’t be on the social web.

if I have for you is to post more frequently when it comes to images or on your main  once every six hours that’s fine but one every three to six hours is the sweet spot when it comes to stories you should be pushing out at least nine stories a day I know that sounds crazy but if you do that you’re gonna get way more engagement a my last tip for you it’s all about the micro content what I mean by micro content is everyone’s trying to like stage their photo shoots.

there are Instagram videos all this kind of stuff just be yourself bust out your phone talk for 20-30 minutes and chop that up into little bite-sized clips and put that over your Instagram over time you give a speech at a conference chop that up and put that on Instagram five or six or seven times take the big piece of content that you have again chop it up and put that all  following account whilst growing up if you follow man it doesn’t put a comment below with your screen name I’ll check you out I’ll tell you what you’re doing wrong we’ll fix it so that way it starts going up that’s how confident I am that these tips will work and if you need help growing your business your tracking

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