Speed Up Your Computer Using a USB Flash (Readyboost)

all right well welcome back everyone to another tech zone video I’m going to be talking about ReadyBoost for Windows Vista and Windows 7 and what this process basically does it basically speeds up your PC laptop or netbook which is what I’m using right now using a USB flash or a memory stick okay and what it does it creates memory cache it cached whatever for the computer and when you are in lack of RAM.

It will use that memory to create some additional RAM to handle those tough processes and all that okay so let’s let’s see how we enable ReadyBoost ok so, first of all, you will need to have USB flash or memory stick now what I have is an 8 gig USB flash which I will be using now here’s the thing you cannot use a 1 gig flash drive ok in it ok you cannot use a one gig flash drive well you can but not all of them work so as sometimes really the two big ones so it’s best.

So it’s best that you get a 4 gig USB flash for best performance now I have a naked one you can even use SD cards or whatever there is any storable media ok so this is how your enabled it to go to my computer okay and now my flash is connected so now as 7.39 gigs free actually I think I have a couple of files in there think yeah I have some just one project okay anyways forget that.

So this is what you’re going to do right click on it and you’re going to click on properties okay once you get the properties you’re going to go to ReadyBoost and there are two options you can select you can either dedicate the device which means it will use up all your memory on the USB flash which is what I did and it was worth it or you can select use this device and select a certain amount of memory to use just in case if you want to leave some space to put other files in there as well okay.

But I’m going to select dedicate this device because I don’t really use this USB stick much only in certain cases and it will tell you how much it will be reserved it’ll it will reserve about 7.5 gigs or something ok so let’s click OK now your USB flash is all used up and if you go inside where there should be a file the ReadyBoost configuration file which you should not mess with and if you want to disable ReadyBoost all you need to do is just go back to the ReadyBoost properties and just click and select do not use this device it’s better to do that option instead of deleting this ReadyBoost file okay alright.

Now here’s how I noticed it now I’m on my netbook I have windows 7 ultimate in here and it was pretty slow so when I did this process it became a little fast and when I’m trying to preview my videos and Sony Vegas it started to play a little bit better without much of lags and all that but there are the lags but it’s far more less than previously and also if you didn’t know it will also extend your battery life if you didn’t know now when I’m 100 when I have a hundred percent battery ok without ReadyBoost and the passing game is set to high-performance I had like 5 hours and 45 minutes battery life.

But after I added ReadyBoost with the same percentage of battery which is at full and the same pass scheme my battery life is extended to 7 hours and 5 minutes so I got pretty much quite a boost so that’s why I recommend getting that ok so that’s about it hope you enjoyed the video if you do want subscribe for more so thanks for watching and have a great day

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