How to Meditate – Meditation for Beginners for 1st day

hi and welcome to day one of this 30-day meditation challenge for beginners I am David ensuite and today we will talk about the basics of meditation and how to do it meditation can sometimes seem very complicated and difficult to learn and like something you have to have practiced for many years in order for it to be beneficial but that is not the case the truth is that everyone can learn it and that it is not as complicated as it may look many people worry whether or not they’re doing the meditation right meditation is simply a technique for relaxing your mind and body and you can’t really do it wrong.

So don’t be so hard on yourself so let’s start today’s meditation exercise our simple breathing exercise so start by setting aside a certain time a day where you will not be interrupted by anyone or anything this could for instance be in the morning before the rest of the family wakes up or in the evening before going to sleep if you’re not too tired allow yourself to have a moment alone each day where you only focus on you and your meditation.

So that when you are going to meditate you detach yourself completely from the rest of the world and allow yourself to be alone for the entire meditation whether it will be a short 5-minute meditation exercise or 30 minute exercise the most important thing is that you get started and experience the great benefits of meditation you will start to feel less stressed out and the small things that used to annoy you will no longer have the same effect on you your health will quickly be improved and your concentration and energy level will be greater than ever before so yes there are many reasons why meditation would be good for you and your life.

So let us stop this meditation practice start by deciding how you’re going to it no you do not have to master the full lotus position right from the start you only need to make sure that you are comfortable and with a nice erect posture a straight spine allows for better energy flow so make sure your back is straight in a natural way try rolling back your shoulders to help straighten your back you may want to sit on a pillow or on your bed it is completely up to you this meditation exercise we will do today will only be five minutes long as.

It is very difficult to stay focused when you are just starting out your mind is going to wander a lot and you will feel restless and like you can’t really relax this is completely normal as your body is not used to relaxing in the middle of the day and your mind is always being stimulated by thoughts music conversations and so on so it will take a while to get used to meditating but after one week of daily practice you will start to feel how it slowly gets easier and much more comfortable after a couple of weeks you will no longer feel like meditation is something you have to do but it will be something.

You actually want to do and you will begin to crave it and feel like you needed to ground yourself so be patient and start small so let’s start with this simple five minute meditation exercise close your eyes and focus on your breathing the breath is the very foundation in meditation and when your mind starts to wander and in a chatter begins you can always return to the breath to stay focused do not try to push away the thoughts or become frustrated you simply have to acknowledge their presence without judging them or interacting with them and then slowly and naturally return your focus to your breathing.

So breathe deeply through your nose and allow your chest and stomach to expand as you are filling your body with nice fresh air and then breathe out fully and slowly through your mouth so remove old tension from your body breathing slowly and deeply and then breathe out whole worries and frustrations once again breathing deeply filling your body with cool air and then breathe out slowly and fully and let the air remove all negative energy from your body now return to your normal breathing pattern and simply observe it.

So pay attention to the physical sensation of breathing the cool air entering your nostrils the expansion of your belly and the warmness of the air leaving your body allow yourself to be present without worrying about the past or the future there is only now allow yourself to be completely thoughtless plus you’re only focused on sensing the breath as you become more and more relaxed your breath also becomes calm and smaller as your body no longer needs that much oxygen sit in silence and just be and when thoughts enter your mind simply return to your breathing to your inhaling and exhaling to the steadiness of the breath just enjoy this very moment this moment of peace breathing in and breathing out allowing yourself to be completely relaxed free of worries and free of frustrations loosen all the muscles in your body

Just sit in silence and observe the breath observe the body be inhaling and the exhaling breathing in and breathing out so peaceful so calm so relaxing now we open your eyes and stretch your body meditation is a way of life and it needs to become one natural habit in your life and something you practice daily that will stay one of this 30 day challenge let me know what you think in the comment field below and don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated and get your daily challenge take care namaste [Music] you

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