hi everyone its spiritual gee I’m coming at you guys for your mid March 2019 reading for the sign of cancer summer rising and Venus thank you for all your like shares and subscribe guys I’m currently not accepting personals but you’re more than welcome to follow me on Instagram all that information you’ll find the description box below alright cancer I’m feeling an energy with you guys of confusion but it’s not your energy its energy around you and it’s really sick.

Because I feel like it you’re moving very very fast but somebody’s confused why you’re why you’re different like somebody’s like why did you dip and then you dip so quickly somebody bounced and then tell nobody like real talk somebody didn’t let anybody know and they did real quick real quick and somebody is really confused because they thought there was love and there was a connection and you know there’s also this energy where it was kind of sneaky because you didn’t want them to know because there was an element of self-protection.

Because when I was pretty sharply at meditating you had the two of cups in the reverse and the seven of wands so I do feel an energy where you’re like back off because I feel like someone is encroaching in your space someone is trying to push themselves back into your life they’re stepping the Trinity they’re trying to overstep boundaries and with this seven of wands you’re defending your turf you’re defending your new beginning you know and you’re not apologetic about it either and I feel like this person there’s a little bit of trauma with them okay and I feel like you leaving might trigger something with them and there’s an element of emotion a lot of emotion.

I’m feeling from them with you leaving okay all right so let’s get into your reading beloved please provide messages for cancer red marker magazine summarizing and Venus thank you so much I made March 2019 cancer I do feel energy because I just saw the four one slip out somebody really wants to be in union with you-you might have turned down an offer from them but I feel like somebody’s skipped town somebody skipped town yeah somebody was immature here okay somebody was definitely amateur in regards to this connection here with the lovers card in Reverse okay you could be dealing with a Gemini but someone wasn’t emotionally spiritually ready to approach a connection like this, okay the connection was too strong for them I’m feeling it’s like

.I’m hearing somebody like feeble like somebody’s looking at this individual as feeble but this person was stunting like they were big boss okay this patient wants regardless of gender this person was acting bigger than what they were okay all right but somebody here is really balanced in this situation okay they’re trying to get their bearings back you could be dealing with an Aquarius and Aries a Leo, okay it’s target Aries all right but it looks like a foundation has been removed here with the ten of Pentacles in Reverse okay but someone here is very much still in love okay with this.

Ace of Cups in the Emperor universe this person that broke your heart and played you okay they’re still in love with you all right but it looks like now this person has come to the conclusion that they want to come through with an apology and I do feel like I see this person like actually rehearsing like they’re taking it out to themselves in their living room or and during the mirror and the bathroom trying to figure out how their kind of talk to you okay they might be even in their car like driving towards you rehearsing how they’re gonna speak to you that’s what I’m saying Wow.

Something really broke down here okay with the tinted cups and it’s in a pinnacle somebody really lost out on something I’m hearing greatness yeah this person feels there’s an injustice in this situation here okay with this queen of cups they feel there’s an injustice with this person because you know although there’s love here with the Ace of Cups there’s no union with the for blondes, okay the number four is gonna be very significant to you guys okay and with the Emperor here with the four of swords they think they like this person was asleep but somebody is now waking okay.

This person was asleep and now they’re woke because they they’re gonna lose out on their dream come true with the ten of cups and the ten of Pentacles it was like somebody it was like this water was thrown on their face and they-they became awakened by the fact that they’re not in union, okay and they want a passionate start with you okay with the eighth one and a nine of swords and they’re devastated okay and the reason why there were issues is because they were on somebody here had options with the seven of cups okay and somebody doesn’t want a brand new beginning okay they’re gonna find healing on their own accord okay with the nine of Pentacles alright they’re not looking for an explanation because I feel like this person is looking at the other individual like.

They kind of feel sad for this person yeah this person wants to be direct with you and communicate with you that you know they really want to be with you with the dude pinnacles they want to communicate you know a partnership with you with the three of Pentacles you could be doing business with this person but it looks like here someone is unaware of the fact that you’ve moved on again an offer may have been turned down so someone has secretly made a decision to move on okay.

All right you might have children with this person you and your children might have moved away okay yeah somebody was tired they were tired with the 10 of Wands they lay this to rest they said I want a new beginning with the world card okay yeah somebody cut this person off and despite the fact that they may love you-you’re just you just don’t care okay you just don’t care all right you’re you have to defend your heart and when you defend your heart it’s not gonna be broken that’s the fact you have the three of swords okay and this person knows the situation is dead they know they know okay they know this situation is dead yeah because of the backstabbing that you had to endure here okay with the ten of swords.

It’s like how can we have a relationship when there’s always a third party okay with the five of cups and with the five of cups and the three cups in the Hierophant okay you could be dealing with the tours it’s like how can we have this that’s why you know yeah there may be love with it it’s a comes but with the form ones we can’t have Union because there’s a lot of toxicity here again a lot of codependency in the situation and you know it you damn well know it cancer you damn well know it you’ve been on it, uh cancer look there’s gonna be a brand new beginning okay alright in regards to a connection okay.

They do feel it but you still got to be careful with the seven of swords in the night and ones this is somebody that’s been in and out of your life and they can’t move on and they don’t want the situation in okay this is deep this is really deep because I feel like somebody here is really looking at this whole situation from the standpoint of morality especially with this Hierophant here you know what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong you know what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong and someone’s like I’m gone okay alright I’m cancer somebody are really dealing with a tourist I feel that a lot I will see you on their side love you lots smooches

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